Your webpage in 3 simple steps

In only 3 steps

It creates your own webpage in 3 steps

It chooses the group, it places your contents and it publishes, he is everything. You yourself you can create and to design your webpage without knowing how to design nor to program, you will see the easy thing that it is.

Easy to update

Your webpage just by to drag & to drop

It changes and it updates your texts, photos, sections and everything what you need at any time and place. You yourself you will take the control from your webpage.

Modern and dynamic

It adds videos, gallery of photos, banners and more

It adds dynamism to your webpage with galleries of photos, videos, slideshows, banners, maps, forms and much more just by to drag & to drop.

Everything including

Everything including for your webpage

You do not need to worry don't mention it more, your webpage includes domain, hosting, post office, publisher, support, etc. We we were in charge of all the technical part.

Permanent support

Technical support before any problem

Whenever you have a problem or any restlessness, only contact to us by email, chat or telephone and we will be in charge to solve it to the brevity.

It saves time and money

You do not spend in designers nor programmers

You do not spend too much in a design Web, with our platform you will be able to save more of 70% than a design would cost standard Web, in addition this whole including.

Plans and Prices

Price/year Professional
Special price first year S/.145.00 S/.195.00 S/.245.00
Space of hosting 5 GB 10 GB 15 GB
Accounts of mail 20 post office limitless limitless
Number of pages 15 pages limitless limitless
Groups to use 60+ groups 190+ groups 190+ groups
Visits to the month 50 thousands limitless limitless
Domain free if if if
Adapted for mobiles if if if
Publishing Web intuitive if if if
Dynamic modules if if if
Backup copies if if if
Certificate SSL free --- if if
Google Analytics --- if if
Social networks --- if if
It accepts Paypal and payments in line --- --- if
Multi-language --- --- if
Support and maintenance permanent permanent permanent
Special price first year Professional
  to contract to contract to contract

Everything Including

Own domain

Your own domain including!

It includes your own domain (.com .net or .org), which you will be able to administer it from your account in Avansit, and if you wish you can use any other domain.

Reliable Hosting

Web hosting surely

We included a plan to you of hosting of great capacity, sufficient to store thousands of photos, pages and contents, with support including.

Post office

Accounts of mail

Your own customized accounts of mail with your domain (ex. with access MGP, IMAP, Webmail and Movil.

Widgets incredible

Incredible modules

You will see the simple thing that it is to add a gallery of photos, forms, videos of YouTube, Google Maps and more, just by you drag & to drop.

Publishing professional Web

Publishing professional Web improved!

With our publishing Web you only need to choose the subject adapted for your website, to personalize it and to add your contents, everything just by some click.

Limitless updates

Limitless updates

It updates your webpage when and where your you want, no longer you need a designer, you yourself you will be able to change it everything. You will be surprised.

Post office

Multi-language new!

Now you will be able to create all a copy of your webpage in any other language in some click and to only change texts.

Optimization and CATHEDRAL

Optimization and CATHEDRAL

Your webpage pre-is optimized for Google, Bing, Yahoo for a better positioning, which is translated in more visits and more sales.

Virtual store

Virtual store new!

Now you can administer a simple virtual store in your webpage to sell your products and to receive with Paypal.

Promotion in social networks

Social Facebook and networks

The USA the power of the network to publish your webpage on Facebook and to promote it in different social networks just by some click.

Backup copies

Backup copies

You can unload a copy of all your website at any time and/or recover any change realised in your site.

Technical support

Permanent support

We were in charge of all the support and maintenance of your webpage, thus your you are only in charge to update it.

Some of our clients

  • Cordisa SA - Peru
  • Total Software SRL - Peru
  • Ecological systems Solar SCRL - Peru
  • Group Spaces - Peru
  • HSE QV General Contractors SRL - Peru
  • ARGAEL Engineering and Construction SRL - Peru
  • Municipality of Mejia - Peru
  • Partnership Seas of Baranoa - Colombia
  • Villa Campestre Valle Hermoso SA - Peru
  • Trial Engineer SAC - Peru
  • Plastic covers Peruvian SAC - Peru
  • Ecocasa - Peru
  • Industry and Technology HBC SAC - Peru
  • Invertours SRL - Peru

Frequent questions

What advantages I have in having my webpage in Avansit?

To have your webpage in Avansit dá more advantages than to contract to a design standard Web to you, we mentioned the main ones here to you:

Fast and easy: You do not hope weeks to have your website, with our simple publisher Web you can create it you yourself in minutes.

Easy to update: You do not wait for to that your designer Web updates your page, you yourself you can make all the changes until in the design when you like and without additional cost.

Modern and dynamic: You do not pay by additional modules, only drags the modules that you like anywhere of your site as videos, galleries, maps, forms, etc.

Economic: It saves until more of 70% than a design would cost to you standard Web, in addition we included all the necessary one to you for your site.

Will You make the design of my webpage?

Not exactly, we gave to one platforma Web to you where you will be able to create a complete and dynamic website just by some click, is as simple as to drag & to drop.

I can use my own domain?

Clearly, you can use any name of domain that you have registered before, or use the one that comes including in any plan.

I already have a webpage. I can migrate it here?

You can migrate all contents manually but not the design, you must choose a new design and to add your information from the beginning, also you can use you yourself domain and post office.

I will have help and attendance to any restlessness?

By all means, to create your webpage in Avansit is very easy, but you even so incuimos a simple guide of beginning, manuals and videos of help, in addition you can communicate with our area of support by email, chat or telephone. He also remembers that we continuously monitored our servers before any eventuality.

Of which forms I can make the payment?

You can make it by deposit or banking transference (if you reside in Peru), with credit card or your Paypal account.

I will receive an invoice or receipt by the realised payment?

Yes, all payments and renovations are in your account of client, in addition if you reside in Peru we will send an invoice to you to your direction of shipment, you do not forget to send your data to us of invoicing.

As soon as time I will be able to create my webpage?

You can create a simple webpage in only 15 minutes or take your time you and to perfect it in a few hours.

As soon as time will my webpage be in Google?

After publishing your site, this it will be in Google in a few days. In addition all the webpages in Avansit work with standards HTML5 and CSS3 for a better positioning.

Will My webpage be always available?

Thus it is, we guaranteed a high availability to you in our servers since we worked for several years with one of the most reliable companies as Landis Holdings Inc. In addition our same website is lodged here.

What I need to begin with my webpage?

You only need to contract the plan that more pleases to you and to choose a name of domain for your website, later you will receive a mail with the data of access to your account.

Exist does a contract or term of permanence?

No, you can cancel your webpage at any time.

If no longer desire to continue, I can migrate my website?

Thus it is, your domain and webpage always will be yours, it unloads a copy of all your site and only keeps it in a safe place.

Obtén your your webpage today yet including

From only S/.145.00/year

Plans and prices