Web Hosting that is adapted to its company

Plans of Web Hosting yet including

If this thinking about publishing the webpage of its company, or perhaps already this handling one, of any way in Avansit will be able to custom-made place its webpage in Internet of fast and simple form with a plan of hosting.

Special price first year S/.95.00 S/.145.00 S/.195.00 S/.245.00
Disc space 1 GB 5 GB 10 GB 15 GB
Visits to the month 5 thousands 50 thousands limitless limitless
Domain free if if if if
Accounts of mail 5 20 limitless limitless
Subdominios 5 20 limitless limitless
Data bases 5 20 limitless limitless
Websites to lodge 1 2 3 4
Backups programmed newspaper newspaper newspaper newspaper
Antivirus and Antispam if if if if
Scripts settled if if if if
Discs full SSD --- if if if
It creates your website in 3 steps --- if if if
Certificate SSL free --- --- if if
Support and maintenance permanent permanent permanent permanent
Special price first year Personnel
  to contract to contract to contract to contract

Our main advantages

Space of hosting

Web Hosting of great capacity

We extend the capacity of space and transference until x10 the sufficient thing to store thousands of photos, pages and other archives that its webpage requires.

Our servers of hosting

It meets our servers

We very take in serious the security and protection from our clients and worked jointly with our partners located in the USA to offer him until 99,9% of availability. [to see servers]

Control Panel hosting

Complete Control Panel in Spanish

We offered an exclusive Control Panel him so that he can administer to all the functionalities of his account of Web hosting.
[to see characteristics] [see demo]

Technical support

Permanent technical support

We offer to permanent technical support for all our plans of Web hosting to orient it and to support it to administer better his service.

Fantastic DeLuxe

Gratuitous Scripts and applications

Fantastic Deluxe comes including in each plan of Web hosting with more than 50 applications than they go from modern websites to virtual stores. [to see applications]

Hosting of guarantee

Up to 30 days of guarantee

If this in agreement with our service of Web hosting cannot cancel its account and we commit ourselves in doing the return to him of its payment without complications.

It knows more Our Servers

Support of our servers

Our datacenter is located in Houston and Atlanta, we offered to fast solutions of Web hosting that have benefitted to many clients through these years. We have an equipment of support dedicated to the maintenance and yield of the servers.

Our e-mail of support and instantaneous mail offers technical support him to assure to him that all needs are taken care of the 7 days the week.

Our goal is to help him to be successful

If you are thinking about obtaining that its website works perfectly so that it can focus all efforts in more important tasks of his company, then we are here for helping it.

Today unite you to our community of satisfied clients, we have a great variety of clients of all the sectors of businesses, reason why our clients time and time again continue renewing their services.

We took ourselves in serious its security

We have multiplicates and superfluous of backup copies of UPS and generators to even guarantee the integrity of the data during the severe electrical system, as well as power shutdowns of identification of digital tracks and camera of security to avoid malicious intrusions.

You can be calm knowing that their valuable data are in good hands!

That type of servers we used?

The servers run under processors Dual/Quad-Core Xeon with 4 GB of memory, units SATA II hot-swappable and 3ware hardware Rhelp 1. The operating system Linux CentOS is used exclusively, one of most popular in the today industry. This constantly under an equipment of active development who assure a trustworthy, safe and robust platform for surroundings destined to the Web hosting.

Servers on approval of failures

He knows on approval more on the technology failures that allow our clients to have the maximum availability of their website, email, data bases, etc. eliminating the cuts of the service.

In case of failing a certain servant, the system on approval of failures enruta all the traffic of the servant to another available one until first completely it has been solved. maintaining its website in line and improving the reliability of its clients.

As the servant of failures works on approval?

The servers on approval run an application of failures that monitors the servant every second, if a fault is detected in the servant, the application automatically initiates the routing to the servant most available not to leave inoperative the services of (Web. email, mysql, cpanel, etc.). Once the failure has been detected, the website remains available and operative until the problem has been solved. We can see a demonstration in the following illustration.

a) Typical configuration of a servant

A configuration of a standard servant is in favor compound only of a servant and if this at some time it fails or it is put in maintenance, the final result could be a time of inactivity very prolonged. In summary, all the software of the servant (Web, email, data bases, etc.) is placed within the same servant having created a turnpike that can lead to a low yield.

The diagram illustrates a typical example in the configuration of a servant who maintains all the load and if this fault all the lodged websites can remain inactive until the problem is solved.

b) Configuration of our servers on approval of failures

Avansit on approval offers to all clients a service of Web hosting of failures that distributes all the load through multiple servers to generally improve all the yield of the servant. Additionally all the information (Web, email, data base, etc.) is reflected in real time, and in case the servant fails, the application on approval of failures can automatically enrutar all the traffic from the website to a servant available, maintaining its always operative website.

It asks for more information of our service of hosting and lodging Web and undergoes the best yield and reliability for the website of his company or business.

Complete Control Panel in Spanish

  • CPanel in Spanish completes version
  • Demonstrative manuals and videos
  • Predefined styles
  • Additional languages including
  • RVSkin subjects
  • Handling of mail accounts
  • Webmail access
  • BoxTrapper
  • Filter anti-Spam
  • Redirections of mail
  • Answering machines
  • Sending back by defect
  • Lists of mail
  • Filtration by user level
  • Filtration by account level
  • Route of mail shipment
  • Entrances MX
  • Authentication of mail
  • Backup copies
  • File manager
  • Disc of network
  • Viewfinder of disc use
  • Accounts of access FTP
  • Control of FTP sessions
  • Anonymous FTP
  • Registries of last visitors
  • Viewfinder of broadband use
  • Statistics web/FTP Webalizer
  • Registries of Raw access
  • Analog statistics
  • Registry of errors
  • Detailed statistics Awstats
  • Directories protected with password
  • Control of access by IPs
  • SSH/Shell access
  • HotLink protection
  • Leech protection
  • Control of GnuPG keys
  • Creation of subdomains
  • Administrator of additional domains
  • Administrator of parked domains
  • Redirection of domains
Data bases
  • Data bases MySQL
  • Assistant for MySQL
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • Remote access MySQL
Software and Servicios
  • Central cgi
  • Power station of software
  • Modules Perl
  • PHP Pear package
  • Configuration PHP
  • Fantastic De Luxe
  • Managers Apache
  • Administrator of images
  • Administrator of indices
  • Edition for error pages
  • Cron jobs
  • Extensions for Frontpage
  • Tools of network
  • Virus Scanner
  • Types PAMPER

Gratuitous Scripts and Aplicaciones


PHP-NUKE: Complete Portal for communities of users, what you can yet imagine more and, hundreds of subjects to change and to personalize its appearance, thousands of modules to add that service easily that you need, visits ek site in Spanish with all the extras, manuals, translations that you can need, in addition to being an example of this magnificent one and extended application.

Post: Similar to the previous stable CMS although but and with less modules and resources in Spanish, question of tastes, you can see it and obtain manuals and modules in Spanish in the official site.

PHP-WEBSITE: Another CMS more, good execution of XHTML code and respects the standards recommended by the W3c, to date of today does not exist official site in Spanish and has few accessories to add, by this is still an option to consider for sites of companies without the requirements of a community.

PHP-WCMS: He is ideal for professional, public and deprived users. It is very easy to learn and it offers the possibility us of separating content design. The powerful but simple characteristics that they have implemented serve as much as much help to publicadores as to developer Web.

MAMBO: Another professional CMS very easy to use, that it has including characteristics as publishers of content WYSIWYG, the news, banners, link management, statistics, file of contents, content of data bases, 20 languages, modules, components, etc. These characteristics do it superior to many other CMS:

  1. Its ease of use
  2. An only and simple administration
  3. Facility for the designs
  4. Facility to add contents and to sail
  5. Easy Installation
  6. It is simply for everybody. He is Simple!

XOOPS: Recommendable CMS with good support in Spanish and many modules, XOOPS has revolutionized the dynamic creation of portals, written in PHP and under Open Source License, XOOPS is a powerful tool based on OOP (Object Oriented Programing) with which you will be able to create and to maintain easily:

  1. Of Personal Webs to great Communities
  2. Sites Corporative and Intra Portals
  3. Web Logs,… and much more!

DRUPAL: A Portal advanced with books of collaboration, Motor of searches with URLs friendly, help online, rolls, complete search of contents, sampling of the site, commentaries, version control, blogging, aggregator of noticas… etc.

GEEKLOG: Complete portal for communities of users, with greater security and an ample rank of modules.

SITEFRAME: Designed straight-forward CMS to unfold websites for communities quickly. Groups with a nice and artistic design, oriented to share documents, an user interface refreshing cleaning and.

JOOMLA: It is a system of management of contents, and between his main virtues she is the one to allow to publish the content of a website of simple way. It is a programmed application of open code mainly in PHP under a license lpg. This administrator of contents can work in Internet or intranets and requires of a data base MySQL.


B2: Very good Binnacle, Web-log or newspaper of Internet, although not yet have support in Spanish, these applications Web are a new and revolutionary form of communication and expression. He is weblog simpler that it exists. Popular perp mp great in its development. If it likes, but it wants more, it proves b2evolution or WordPress, that both are extensions of b2.

PMACHINE: New system of weblogs, very complete by mainly, comes in two versions, one is the pro and the other is free. The complete list of the characteristics this very substantial, already begins to see clones.

B2 EVOLUTION: Another good and configurable option for a Web-log, in its free version, with categories and subcategories, functions of searches, multiple languages…

NUCLEUS: Configurable and powerful multiple Web-log that Web-logs locks up, multiple authors etc.

WORDPRESS: Excellent tool of edition and publication of blogs, with posteos protected by key, multiple authors. .etc.


CS-LIVE-HELP: Very useful practitioner and to be able to communicate to us with the visitors of our webpage, in addition to saying to us who, when and of where they visit to us, criteria search used to locate us in the finders, in addition to statistics, file of conversations and a pile of utilities that make of this application an essential tool anywhere Web that offers some type on watch and/or product in the Web, very easy administration.

PHP-SUPPORT-TICKETS: Another good, comfortable and practical way to take care of your clients when they are too many to take care of them by a system live or to respond to certain hours of the day.

SUPPORT-SERVICES-MANAGER: Complete Management system of Services of support and attention to clients.

HELP CENTER LIVE: Complete Management system of Services of support and attention to clients with support live chat.

OS TICKET: It is a system automated of support to the client based on language PHP in which can directly be opened consultations via e-mail or from the Web.

SUPPORT LOGIC HELPDESK: Program that allows to simply take to the management of a center of Attention to the Client/Center him of Attention to the Employee or a HelpDesk.


PHP-BB2: Recommendable Forums of discussion with a great amount of modules and subjects.

INVISION-BOARD: Good Application for Forums of discussion

YABBSE: Good Application for Forums of discussion



OS-COMMERCE: Complete application of electronic commerce, several modalities of payments, cart of purchases and product galleries.

CUBECART: Complete application of electronic commerce, several modalities of payments, cart of purchases and product galleries.

ZEN Cart:


PHPROJEKT: Useful application of work in group by means of Web and analysis of remote projects, tasks, mail, calendar, notes, etc

DOT PROJECT: It is a tool of management based on the Web. The characteristics include: The management of the user, email, system of the ticket, listings of the management of Client/Company of the project, the hierarchic list of task, deposit of the file, list of contacts, calendar, forum of discussion, and permissions based on resources.


4IMAGES-GALLERY: Complete Gallery of Images, gratuitous for a noncommercial use.

PHP-AUCTION: Complete site for the elaboracción and administration of all type of auctions.

PHP-LINKS: Directory of Internet addresses, with customized classifications.

MOODLE: Website the necessary thing to be able yet to distribute courses in line.

NOAHS-CLASSIFIEDS: Application that allows to have a website destined to Classified Announcements totally personalizable.

PHP-LIST: It automatically manages and it administers ready of post office and bulletins Web, in addition to counting on management of users.

WEB-CALENDAR: Calendar of Events, with possibility of restricting the access and the authorized publication to personnel.

OPEN-REALTY: He is a powerful Manager of Properties and Buildings, the management system of the listings is effective at any time to publish and to modify its listings of real estates and place.

PHP ADDSNEW: It is a complete program based on PHP for the Administration of banners.

PHP FORM GENERATOR: It is a tool that allows him to very quickly create of reliable and efficient way mail forms Web in addition to validating fields and storage of these in a data base.


Some of our clients

  • Specialized center of Fertility and Gynecology - Arequipa Peru
  • Beausejour Boutique Hotel - Peru
  • Hotel Marries Villa Arequipa - Peru
  • Cusipata Rafting Arequipa - Peru
  • Taxi Remisse 21 - Peru
  • School Rey de Reyes Arequipa - Peru
  • Termoinox, makes of solar and compatible spas - Peru
  • UNSA, Industrial Faculty of Psychology, Relations and Sciences of the Communication - Peru
  • OIKOS, Environmental Consultancy - Peru
  • YOUR HEALTH SAC, Center of occupational health - Peru
  • SERMANSA, Company on watch of maintenance and environmental cleaning - Peru
  • British school the Peruvian International - Peru
  • Hotels Mamatila Arequipa and Lima - Peru
  • GLOBE, Footwear of Protection - Peru
  • Health and Beauty, aesthetic medicine - Peru
  • The Grotto Hotel Arequipa - Peru
  • Inn the Conqueror - Peru
  • Association of Hotels, Compatible Restaurants and of Arequipa - Peru
  • Mercedes, residential inn - Peru
  • Levinet SAC, enterprise solutions - Peru
  • Urban point, real estate and construction - Peru
  • Real estate projects, Arequipa Peru
  • Power station of Reserves AQP, tourist services - Peru
  • Peru Motors SRL - Peru
  • Solar inn Arequipa - Peru
  • LandAdventures Tour Operator - Peru
  • Industries Fijucy - Peru


Frequent questions before contracting its plan of hosting

Basic questions on hosting

What is Web hosting?

Web hosting or lodging Web generally is used to publish webpages in Internet, if you or its company need a website, then is necessary to raise it a servant or service of Web hosting and thus any person with a conección to Internet will be able to anywhere visualize its website of the world. Our service of Web hosting offers a space him in a safe, reliable and powerful servant that it is connected to Internet the 24 hours, the 7 days of the week, monitored continuously and with a continuous technical support.

What I can do with a plan of Web hosting?

The possibilities that it would have are very ample, with each of our plans of hosting it can publish what wishes in Internet (as long as does not go against our agreements and conditions of the service). Our packages of Web hosting are ideal for companies, institutions and professionals who want to start up a webpage in Internet, or perhaps to publish a blog or personal page.

Is necessary some technical knowledge to use my account of hosting?

We have done simplest possible so that you can administer and put into operation his website, will be able to manage his account of Web hosting using cPanel, that is a Control Panel of great reputation and very intuitive that in line includes a file manager who allows him to publish archives of his website of simple form. In order to work and to develop his webpage if it needs to have technical knowledge in design and programming, for this it can contract to webmaster professional or to communicate with us so that we help him in the development of its webpage.

How long they are taken in creating my account of hosting?

The majority of our accounts of Web hosting is created in a few hours after contracting the service, this because we must make the verification of his payment and point his domain at his new account of hosting.

How I can be contacted with you to receive help and support?

When it needs help, Envelope can communicate with us clicking in the menu “We” located in the part superior of our website, in addition when contract a Web plan hosting we offered in our message of welcome steps him to follow to ask for technical support and documentation.

They can help me to migrate my website from another supplier?

Of course, our service also includes the migration from all their website to our servers as long as the characteristics of their new plan of hosting are similar or superiors to the one of their old supplier and both have cPanel as Control Panel.

On the domain and its plan of hosting

I can contract a plan of hosting without domain?

No, each plan of Web hosting must be associated to a domain to be able to work. When it contracts a Web plan hosting with us can also register its own domain jointly. Or if or it owns a domain, it can use it or transfer it with us here. It considers that the transference of its domain can take some days and until then it will not be able to use his plan of hosting completely.

I already have a domain. I can use contracting it here a plan of hosting?

Yes, if its domain already is registered with us, then it can use it without problems. If its registered domain to with another company would have 2 options, to maintain the domain with the other company or to transfer it with us, if it wishes to maintain it with the other company only needs to change the DNS of his domain by ours, if it wishes to transfer it with us make sure that the domain this blocking and do not have available the “code of transference”, once completed the transference will be able to use his account of hosting completely.

On subjects slightly technicians

Which is the limit of data transfer and what happens if I exceed that limit?

The limit of data transfer is the maximum amount of bandwidth that its website can use every month. Whenever somebody visit its website this consuming certain bandwidth, to more visits has its website will need but bandwidth, but this does not worry to our clients generally since all our plans of hosting have a good bandwidth over the average, but got to exceed that limit could be advisable that changes to its plan of hosting to a plan superior.

What operating system I must choose, Linux or Windows?

All our plans of Web hosting estan available in Linux, is not necessary to choose the same operating system that it uses in his computer of house or office since its account of hosting is independent. If it does not know that operating system to choose we recommended Linux to him for being most commercial, it can choose Windows if it has certainty that its website will use technologies of Microsoft as ASP.NET or Microsoft SQL.

It must have a backup copy of my archives?

Our servers of hosting are highly safe and we took all the precautions to maintain its protected data, but we recommended to him that he also maintains a backup copy of all archives, since not only could protect it against failures in our systems (little probable), but also against problems caused by changes that in their website are realised.

On invoicing and payments

Of which forms I can make the payment?

You can make his payment of several forms, by deposit or banking transference (for clients in Peru), with credit card or Paypal, once realised its payment does not forget to send its confirmation to us to come to the configuration of its account.

I will receive an invoice or receipt by the realised payment?

Yes, once confirmed his payment we will send to his email address an electronic receipt to him, in addition if you live in Peru we will send to his direction the corresponding invoice to him. it remembers that our prices do not include IGV.

Exist does a contract or term of permanence when contracting an account of hosting?

No, you can maintain his plan of hosting until she needs it.

They have special supplies or discounts to offer?

Clearly, with certain frequency we sent special campaigns of all our service, simply this a as much in our website to be able to be useful them.